Pineapple Cake – Lisandro Cardenas, Huila, Colombia


A bright and delightfully weird mix of cantaloupe, elderflower, and pineapple cake, this Colombia hybrid variety is grown by Lisandro Cardenas in the Rosario neighbourhood of Acevedo, Huila, Colombia.

250g of delightful coffee

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Pineapple Cake - Lisandro Cardenas, Huila, Colombia delightful coffee from Lüna

Lisandro Cardenas, Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

Farmer Pricing

1.200.000 COP Price to Lisandro Cardenas per 125kg parchment
Paying attention to the home currency when looking at cost of production is more important than FOB (which includes price for the coffee + what it takes to export). This is because when you look historically at the stock market price for coffee, the USD price looks better in previous years, however the strength of the Colombian Peso against the USD is weaker. 


Export Costs

0.73 $ USD
3.15$ total FOB price per pound


Import Costs

0.48 $ USD
Ocean and land freight per pound
3.63 $ USD
Total Landed Cost USD
5.05 $ CAD
Total Landed Cost CAD

Exchange Rates At time of Purchase

$1 USD = 3200 COP

$1 CAD = 0.75 USD

C Market Price

$1.13 USD/lb

$800,000 COP per 125kg parchment

Estimated Cost of Production

$1.19 USD/lb

FOB price for this coffee
C market price at time of purchase
C Market Price USD
Estimated Cost of Production in Colombia
per lb USD

FOB Price/ lb

$3.15 USD/lb

C Market Price

$1.13 USD /lb

$800,000 COP/125kg parchment

Estimated Cost of Production

$1.19 USD/lb

*The whole point of sharing all this with you is to start a dialogue - How can we support actual sustainability, where every player, especially the grower can operate a resilient business? We think it starts with handing over the power to you - so you know what you're supporting. We're an open book so let us know if you ever want to chat!
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