Beautiful ingredients don't have to come at the expense of anyone's wellbeing

Coffee farmers deserve to sell their crop at a profit. 

Our employees (when we start hiring them! We’re small) and other people through our supply chains deserve to make a living that is equitable and fair, with cost of living factored in. 

You deserve the power to vote with your dollars, and support supply chains that are vetted – In a world where its ever more difficult to parse who is the real deal and who is paying lip service, the more open we are as humans, the better. 

We share everything we know.

Look for a cost breakdown and contextual info as we build our menu in the webshop.
Our end game is to have something like this for every coffee we buy. Always ask why.

*Here’s an example of where we want to be heading for transparency with Lüna. It’s disruptive, but ultimately you deserve to know what your dollars are supporting. 

Jelly Donut Colombia - Luis Vicente Morales 250g

Luis Vicente Morales Nariño, Colombia

Farmer Pricing

0 $ USD
Price to Farmer per pound
Price to Luis Vicente Morales per 125kg parchment


Export Costs

0 $ USD
3.72$ total FOB price per pound


Import Costs

0 $ USD
Ocean and land freight
0 $ USD
Total Landed Cost USD
0 $ CAD
Total Landed Cost CAD

Exchange Rates At time of Purchase

$1 USD = 3000 COP

$1 CAD = 0.77 USD

C Market Price

$0.97 USD

Estimated Cost of Production

$1.19 USD/lb

FOB price for this coffee
C market price at time of purchase
C Market Price USD
Estimated Cost of Production in Colombia
per lb USD

FOB Price

$3.72 USD

C Market Price

$0.97 USD

Estimated Cost of Production

$1.19 USD/lb

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