Luna’s back for gifting season!

Ok here’s the deal, we’re ready to have you back with us for all your bright and vibrant coffee needs. We’re so excited!

December subscriptions have shipped earlier than usual, on December 2nd to beat the holiday rush through the post, but we’re still shipping December subs! It just may not make it for the 25th.

Otherwise we’ve returned to our regular schedule, orders received by Friday are roasted over the weekend and ship Monday.

Thanks for all your encouragement during our move, it really kept us going to the finish line and couldn’t do this without you!

Laura & Nate

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Aeropress Recipe

This week, for the first time, Vancouver is hosting the World Aeropress Championship and we thought it would be timely to share what has been our go-to aeropress recipe for nearly a decade. Our recipe is in the style of a lot of competition recipes you find used in the World Aeropress Competition: updosed, cool temp, fast brew times.
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How to guide: Make a hybrid

If you've been with us for awhile, you can likely rattle off a few hybrid varieties (Castillo, Colombia or Ruiru 11 anyone?) and you possibly appreciate their ability to be more resilient in the face of climate change while still tasting great. How do hybrids actually become hybrids though? Is there any GMO meddling involved? Absolutely not. Does it take awhile? You bet. Here's a handy how-to guide using Parainema as an example.


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