Two exciting, bright coffees sourced from talented growers every month.

This subscription program is what we do best – care packages delivered to your home with a fun, coffee focused zine on the 2nd week of the month.
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an exploration of coffee's genetic diversity and processing from Ethiopia.
Chelbesa processed as a natural which is dried with fruit intact and a yeast dominant fermentation creating deep sweetness, creamy body, and bubblegum like flavour.
Keramo is washed processed and a bacterial dominant fermentation offering clarity, crisp acidity, and complex florals & black tea.

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Juicebox series continues exploring the fruity coffees of Kenya with this year's harvest from the folks at Karimikui & everyone's favourite Techno Peach returns with a fresh lot from the Nano Genji cooperative with local landrace varieties from the forests of Agaro
In Season Coffees
  • This tropical fruit seed is alive when we receive them at our roastery. Then the clock starts. Those seeds have a shelf life. The seasonally driven sourcing program we’ve become known for drives the bright, lively style of coffee you’ll brew as a subscriber.
Variety & Process Deep dives
  • We print a little zine to go alongside the coffees each month as your guide. Want to know how Parainema tastes and how this cultivar was born? How does coffee from Kenya taste so damn good? We’re your fellow nerds and we’ve got your back.
Other Neat Bits
  • Things can hitch a ride in your sub box (If you need V60 filters for example)
  • Folks can join from Canada or the USA
  • Sometimes there’s a coffee that only subscribers will get