Pacas by Benjamin Paz in Santa Bárbara, Honduras




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This is a Pacas variety grown by our dear friend Benjamin Paz, at his farm in Las Vegas municipality, beside Santa Bárbara in Honduras. It gets its subtle fruit and banana bread-like flavour from keeping the coffee fruit in a bag, sealed off for 48 hours. After the bag gets puffy from the built up Co2, the coffee is then depulped and dried with some of the mucilage still left on the seeds, aka “honey process.”

Quick Details

Producer: Benjamin Paz
Origin: Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Variety: Pacas
Processing: 48hr fermentation as whole cherry in a sealed bag environment followed by depulping and dried as a honey process on raised beds
Exporter: Beneficio San Vicente
Tasting notes: creamy, dried blackcurrant, banana-bread, nutty finish