These cafes and social spaces are committed to serving excellent, vibrant coffee and being excellent people. We consider these folks
our friends, and we chose to work with them because their values
and ours work well together.

*If you are looking to carry Luna in your cafe or shop, thanks for your interest! We are currently only able to offer wholesale to a limited number of stockists. Please get in touch if you’d like to start a conversation.


Birds & The Beets
Vancouver, BC
Revolver Coffee
Vancouver, BC
Nemesis Coffee
Vancouver, BC
Their There
Vancouver, BC
Hey Happy
Victoria, BC
Happy Coffee & Wine
Toronto, ON
Hamers Coffee
Toronto, ON
Montréal, QC
Sparrow Coffee
Saskatoon, SK
District Café & Bakery
Edmonton, AB
The Cannon
Hamilton, ON
Phin Coffee
Hamilton, ON
Epoch Chemistry
Moncton, NB


Los Angeles, CA
Black Fox Coffee
New York, NY
Union Coffee
Seattle, WA
5 Stones Coffee
Redmond, WA
Asheville, NC
Public Space
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coffeewerk + Press
Galway, Ireland