Benjamin Paz ~ Ethiopia Heirloom from Santa Bárbara, Honduras

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Producer: Benjamin Paz
Place: Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom
Processing: Washed
Exporter: Beneficio San Vicente
Harvest: April 2023
Tasting notes: citrus, floral honey, black tea

Our friend Benjamin picked and processed this very special heirloom lot from seeds gifted to him by Laura nearly ten years ago. Fermented as a traditional washed process using ceramic tanks for 24hrs before being washed and dried. Roasted for filter. Floral and bright.


The typical method of processing in Santa Bárbara goes a little something like this:

First the coffee fruit is floated to rinse off any dirt and remove any that float (if they float it means either there’s no coffee seed inside the parchment layer of the fruit, or there’s a lack of nutrient density). Then the fruit goes through a de-pulper, landing in a concrete or ceramic tank. The fruit rests in a pile to ferment without water overnight. In the mid morning the coffee seeds are checked and if the mucilage is sufficiently metabolized and no longer sticky, then water is introduced to the tank to wash the parchment. Once that’s done, the coffee is moved to raised solar dryers to dry over a 1-2 week period, allowing for the moisture come down slowly to around 10-11%. The dried parchment is put in nylon bags and is delivered to the dry mill, where it will be stored until it’s pretty close to export time. The idea is to mill as close to the shipment time as possible to maximize shelf life of the resulting green coffee.