Bourbon & Caturra by Geovanny Liscano from Cauca, Colombia (2023)

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Producer: Geovanny Liscano
Where: Inzá, Cauca, Colombia
Varieties: Bourbon & Caturra
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: buttery cashew,  jammy red currant, vanilla

Buttery cashew with jammy sweetness & vanilla roundness describes this Bourbon & Caturra mix, grown by Geovanny Liscano in the Inzá, Cauca area of Colombia. From 2006 farming just 1 hectare with his father, to today, leading producer group Asorcafé, and tending to his growing plots with emphasis on biodiversity, this coffee represents a true labour of love and lifelong passion project.


Geovanny Liscano has been partnering with Aleco (of Red Fox, importer we work with) since 2006, back when he farmed just one hectare of land with his wife and father. The past 17 years have been fruitful, with beautifully grown coffees. Over time, Geovanny reinvested profits back into the land, bought surrounding plots, and built up processing infrastructure the whole community would be able to share. He is a model producer to look at when talking about reinvestment and potential at farm level. His group, Asorcafe is incredibly well-organized with a laser-focus on ethics and he’s a valued leader in the greater Inzá community. He’s now in his second run as Asorcafe President after being the association’s third President from 2007-08.


Geovanny grows both Bourbon & Caturra


Ripe cherry are depulped after picking followed by a dry fermentation, where the coffee sits in a tank without water for 24-30hrs depending on the weather and microbial activity. Once the sticky mucilage is removed, the coffee is washed and then dried on raised beds.


We brew all our coffees with municipal water that flows from our taps in Metro Vancouver. This municipal source is very soft, low ppm water (around 30 TDS)

There are many alternative water recipes out there that will produce tasty cups if your water from the tap isn’t giving you good results. A good place to start is 1/2 strength Third Wave Water of around 60-70ppm (0.16g.-0.2g./L of TWW powder).


We make an effort to taste our coffees in a variety of ways, but mostly use cupping, V60, and Kalita 155 brews as our main ways of quality control and dialling in roast profiles. Our filter recipes can be found in our Journal here:

Kalita 155



Roasted with filter coffee in mind, expect shots that are lighter in body and brighter in acidity than your typical espresso profile.

Geovanny Liscano’s  field blend makes shots that are bright, buttery, red currant with enough sweetness to round it all out. A great coffee for both straight espresso and filter coffee.

Starting spec: 18g:45g in 36 sec. on 9bar profile @93C
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