Darabiel Osorio ~ Caturra & V.Colombia from Huila, Colombia



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Producer: Darabiel Osorio
Where: Tarqui, Huila, Colombia
Varieties: Caturra & Variedad Colombia
Processing: Washed Process (de-pulped and fermented in sealed pickle barrels (canecas) for 40hrs)
Harvest: August 2023
Tasting notes: cane sugar, pineapple, yellow plum, nougat

Darabiel is producing on a 1.5ha plot at 1800masl, with a passion for regenerative agriculture. Once the ripe coffee fruit has been picked, it is de-pulped and then fermented in sealed pickle barrels (canecas) for 40hrs, before being dried in a two-stage process to prolong shelf life. Roasted for filter. Buttery and yellow fruits.