Decaf – natural process from Masha, Sidama, Ethiopia



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With flavours of buckwheat honey cookie, studded with dried black currant, this naturally processed local landrace lot was grown in Yeppo Village in Masha, Sidama, Ethiopia. This village sits between 1,650 and 1,875 masl and is carefully divided into 46 microlot farming areas to ensure full traceability. This lot is grown using organic practices.

Swiss Water Decaf is located on our home turf, just outside Vancouver. They have found a way of removing over 99% the caffeine from coffee by using carbon filters that are the shape of the caffeine molecule. Pretty incredible, and a really nice way to enjoy our coffee at night or if you’d rather not be wired.

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Producers: Masha Woreda Yeppo Village
Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Varieties: local landrace
Processing: Natural & decaffeinated
Tasting notes: buckwheat, honey, dried blackcurrant
Imported and processed by Swiss Water Decaf