EA Decaf – Pink & Yellow Bourbon from Huila and Magdalena, Colombia




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This EA Decaf defies expectations for not only decaf, but coffee from Colombia in general. One of the initial challenges from covid for many folks in coffee was cancelled contracts and coffees without homes (we’re fortunate to not have that happen personally). In this case, lots of acclaimed pink bourbon, and yellow bourbon from 12 producers were in Azahar’s possession, and they wanted to do something fun with it. Azahar wondered about what would happen if top lots were allocated to decaf. This sweet, complex mangosteen and guava forward coffee was the result.

Decaffeinated at the Decafecol plant in Manizales, in the department of Caldas, Colombia (about an hour north of Armenia, where the Azahar lab is located) before export.
This Decaffeination method relies on Ethyl Acetate from sugarcane, grown locally in the area, used as a solvent for the caffeine.


Quick Details

Producer: various smallholders
Origin: Huila and Magdalena, Colombia
Varieties: Pink & Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: soft florals, sweet tropical fruits
Exporter: Azahar
Importer: OLAM Specialty
Harvest: Jan-Feb 2020