Gesha from the Perez family farm, El Llano, in Acatenango, Guatemala (2022)

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The second main production harvest of Gesha at El Llano – most of it went to subscribers for October, but there is some remaining that is now available to you. We decided, along with Raúl, to send this one (with his family’s Anacafe 14) air freight again this year due to logistics delays and struggles with ocean freight the past couple years.

We find this particular lot to be delicate with coconut,  jasmine, and lemongrass

Quick Details

Producers: Pérez family (Henio, Mercedes, Raúl, and José)
Farm name: El Llano
Origin: Acatenango, Guatemala
Variety: Gesha
Processing: Double Washed
Exporter: Pérez family
Harvest: late January 2022
Tasting notes: jasmine, coconut, lemongrass