Hazelnut Cookie – Caturra & Bourbon by the Pérez family

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Simultaneously cozy and bright, like a buttery hazelnut sable with a hint of orange brightness, this small lot of Caturra and Bourbon was cultivated & picked by the Pérez family on their farm, El Llano, and was washed processed 10km away at their neighbouring farm, La Soledad in Acatenango, Guatemala.

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Producers: Pérez family (Henio, Mercedes, Raúl, and José)
Farm Name: El Llano
Origin: Acatenango, Guatemala
Varieties: Caturra & Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Tasting: gentle citrus, hazelnut, & butter cookie
Exporter: Pérez family
Harvest: late January 2020


Guatemala is home to some of the most passionate, neurotic (in the most affectionate way I can express), and talented coffee producers I know. Raúl is one of them. The first time I met Raúl was in 2012, at the tail end of the Cup of Excellence in Guatemala City (a competition for producers, who’s top-scoring lots go to an international auction). As the final tables were completed and the international jury was wrapping up for the week, there was one last thing to taste

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