Hazelnut Cookie – H1 variety by the Pérez family at El Llano in Acatenango, Guatemala

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Sweet and clean with hazelnut sablé, and soft ginger citrus complexity, this unique variety is grown by the Pérez family on their farm El Llano in Acatenango, Guatemala.

This is an F1 hybrid called H1 (also known as Centroamericano) that was developed by crossing a selection of Sarchimor with the Ethiopian landrace variety Rume Sudan.

Quick Details

Producers: Henio, Mercedes, Raúl, and José Pérez
Farm Name: El Llano
Origin: Acatenango, Guatemala
Varieties: H1 Centroamericano
Processing: Washed
Tasting: gentle citrus, hazelnut, & butter cookie
Exported by the Pérez family