Kalita ~ Wave Filters


From: US$11.00

From: US$11.00

These sweet flat-bottom wave filters fit Kalita drippers of course, as well as other flat-bottom pour over brewers.
Available in 155 size (small, appropriate for 12-16g. doses), and 185 size (large, appropriate for 12-30g doses).
White, 100/pack

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  • Appropriate for about 12-16g. of coffee
  • Fits all Kalita 155 Wave Drippers
  • White, 100/pack
  • Made in Japan



  • Appropriate for 12-30g. of coffee
  • Fits all Kalita¬†185 Wave Drippers, Orea V3, April Brewer, Origami (M)
  • White, 100/pack
  • Made in Japan

155 Recipe

Here’s a link to the full recipe on our journal

15g. dose

0:00 -> 50g bloom (swirl to saturate grounds)

0:45 -> 125g

1:10 -> 175g

1:35 -> 250g (swirl to aid in even drawdown)

typical brew times between 2:30-3 mins