Los Guacharos ~ Community Blend from Huila, Colombia (Early 2024)

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Producers: 7 producers in Guacharos Community (Nelson Rodriguez & Luz Dary Polo (combined 63% of volume), Ines Perafan, Alirio Muñoz, Jose Uribe Lasso (8.5%), Jhoan Vergara, & Ana Nelly Luna
Where: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
Varieties: Field Blend (Caturra, V.Colombia, Bourbon, Castillo)
Processing: Washed Process (whole cherry fermentation in woven bags (tulas) that allow for leaking mucilage to drain, then de-pulped and fermented in sealed pickle barrels (canecas).
Harvest: August 2023
Tasting notes: buttery, crisp, orange, sweet.

This community blend is predominantly from Nelson Rodriguez and Luz Dary Polo making up 63% of the lot, with other fellow Guacharos members contributing the rest to culminate in a masterclass of what classic washed coffees can be from Huila, Colombia.