Techno Peach – local landraces from Nano Genji, Agaro, Ethiopia

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Buttery & bright, reminiscent of peach cobbler and floral honey, these delicate local landrace varieties are grown by smallholders in the Nano Genji Cooperative, located in the forests of Gera, near Agaro, Ethiopia.

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Producers: Nano Genji Cooperative
Origin: Agaro, Ethiopia
Varieties: local landrace
Processing: Washed
Exporter: Keta Muduga Union
Importer: Red Fox
Harvest: Dec/Jan 2021


A place where the original Ethiopian landrace varieties grow, in the forests of Agaro and Gera, is a nice place to grow a coffee we affectionately refer to as Techno Peach.

There’s a beautiful village, about a 7 hour drive (continue reading…)