a cut out collage brewing coffee in space

This unfussy V60 method is our go-to every morning and we haven’t been disappointed yet

If you look up a V60 recipe, you’ll get, to be honest, not quite as any variations as aeropress, but you’ll still get a fair number to sift through! We’ve got a rotation of 3 recipes or so, and which one we use in the moment comes down to is how much coffee one of us wants. The relationship between the 3 recipes is the ratio of coffee to water, 1:16 or 1:17 – The grind size is the same. Our rule of thumb whether we’re at home or at the roastery is we do some legwork upfront to find the finest grind that is the most even and just park it there – on our Baratza Virtuoso, it’s set to 11 right now.

Typically you could scale up or down these recipes, though we wouldn’t go over 25g of coffee in a V60 (size 02) – there just isn’t enough room as the bed depth is a bit much over 25g and you start to run into extraction issues (namely under-extraction, where things start to taste thin and unbalanced).

Here’s a handy pdf download of our main recipe for V60 Enjoy and let us know how it goes!