Light, bright, delightful coffee, for delightful people.

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Light, bright, delightful coffee, for delightful people.

Jelly Donut Colombia - Luis Vicente Morales 250g


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We're all about slow curation & longterm Partnerships

There have been too many times we’ve brought home a coffee, carefully vetted, only to not have a good time with it. Buying coffee that makes you smile shouldn’t be a cryptic process and we want to help solve that problem. 

So what you’ll see from Lüna are light, bright coffees with a lighter roasting sensibility. Take a look at our archive to see what we’ve brought in so far. 

Our coffees have full traceability, and we’ve chosen to celebrate them by sharing their flavour, front and centre. We want it to be easy and fun to explore the world of coffee with us. 

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Light, sweet, and always delightful - Always focussed on seasonality and brightness.

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Fresh articles, new coffee releases, and a generally pleasing thing to read on a Sunday morning.

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