ESPRESSO ~ Los Guacharos – Community lot from Huila, Colombia



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Producers • 8 producers in Guacharos Community
(José Uribe Lasso, Viviana Realpe, Albeiro Calambas, Ines Perafan, Luz Dary Polo, Edilma Piedrahita, Nelson Rodriguez, Beto Narvaez)
Where • Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
Varieties • Field Blend (Caturra, V.Colombia, Bourbon, Castillo)
Processing • Washed Process
(typically whole cherry fermentation in woven bags (tulas) that allow for leaking mucilage to drain, then de-pulped and fermented in sealed pickle barrels (canecas) for 36-48hrs.
Harvest •  January 2024
Tasting notes • buttery, rose, orange

This community blend is from eight members of the Guacharos producer group, culminating in a masterclass of what classic washed coffee can be from Huila, Colombia. Fermented in canecas and dried on raised beds. Roasted for espresso. Floral & plush.