Hario V60-02 – Ceramic – White

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This ceramic V60 dripper is arguably as iconic as it is economical. We use ours every single morning. If you have this, filters, a grinder and a scale (oh, right, and coffee) – you’re set.


  • for coffee doses of 20-25 grams
  • uses V60-02 size filter papers (not included)
  • Porcelain V60-02 Dripper
  • Made in Japan



(rinse filter with hot water to preheat dripper and keep your filter in place)

22g dose

0:00 -> 75g bloom (swirl to saturate grounds)

0:45 -> 225g (gentle swirl to aid in even drawdown)

1:45 -> 375g (swirl to aid in even drawdown)

typical brew times between 4-5 mins