Kalita Wave x Hasami – Sandstone Ceramic Dripper

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Kalita and the incredibly talented Hasami pottery (Nagasaki Prefecture) house teamed up to make his weighty, unglazed natural sandstone ceramic dripper.

The texture of this brewer is pebbly and beautifully asperous. Satisfying in its tactility, it’s elegant without being thin or breakable – A happy paradox. The drawdown times are SPEEDY – Similar to the stainless steel 155. We’ve come to enjoy really nursing those pulse pours and slowing down as much as we can to ensure enough contact time during brew.

This brewer is a joy to use and has quickly become our daily driver for brewing throughout the day.

Hasami has been under the radar for quite some time, busy producing as a subcontractor for Arita Porcelain Lab for a long time so it’s only recently that they are getting the credit for their excellent work. Kalita was established in 1958 but they didn’t really get into producing filters and a wide range of coffee wares until the 1990’s.

We’ve got this recipe that makes a twee coffee for two, perfect for those who have 4-5 options at any given time and can’t decide what to brew.

Try this as a starting point:

(preheat brewer with filter inserted with a hot water rinse)

14g dose

60g bloom

0:45 -> 150g

1:30 -> 240g



Care Instructions

    • Non-Glazed Ceramic (Blend of Sandstone and Amakusa Touseki Stone)
    • Not dishwasher safe – Handwash only
    • Suitable for brewing 1-2 cups and uses Kalita 155 ( or #1 cone) filters
    • Weight: 155 Dripper: 267g
    • Made in Japan

*This dripper is not glazed, so please rinse it with water and clean with a soft sponge after use.