Marshmallow Magic – Espresso

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Next Roast – September 19th

This iteration of Marshmallow Magic is grown by Astrid Guzman, who cultivates IHCAFE90, a strain of Catimor, on her farm called La Primavera in Marcala, Honduras. She participates in the Cabañas drying project in Marcala. Roasted to work well as espresso, this lot is washed processed and tastes sweet and round with a buttery mouthfeel. It is chocolate and caramel forward with a bright, juicy vibrancy, like tamarind, and a nutty finish.

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Producer: Astrid Guzman
Origin: Marcala, Honduras
Cultivar: IHCAFE90
Tasting: tamarind, chocolate, nutty
Exporter: Beneficio San Vicente
Harvest: Dec, 19 – March 2020