Strawberry Sundae – Beriti Natural, Gedeb, Ethiopia

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the last few bags remaining of this lot. roasted Feb 27th

With melted strawberry sundae vibes, this sweet naturally processed landrace lot starts as fruit grown in the forest with smallholders associated with the Beriti community stewarding it in Gedeb, Ethiopia. METAD then processes the fruit intact and dries these little purple orbs on raised beds for 6-8 weeks.

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Producers: Beriti community
Where: Gedeb, Ethiopia
Varieties: local landrace
Processing: Natural
Tasting notes: strawberries, malted milkshake, & chocolate
Harvest: Dec 2020 – Jan 2021


Our two latest releases in October are from Guji (Kirite aka Disco Marmalade) and Gedeb (Beriti aka Strawberry Sundae) respectively, & have something pretty neat in common – They are both lots from outgrower communities that work with METAD, who have a remarkable history as a company, producer and exporter in Ethiopia.

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