Cream Soda – Pacas by Benjamin Paz, Santa Bárbara, Honduras

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Last one! – Roasted September 27th

This is a pacas variety grown by our dear friend Benjamin Paz at his farm in Las Vegas municipality, beside Santa Bárbara in Honduras. It gets its cream soda-like flavour from keeping the coffee fruit in a bag, sealed off for 48hours. After the bag gets puffy from the built up Co2, the coffee is then depulped and dried with some of the mucilage still left on the seeds. This is a really nice example of something we’re calling “semi-carbonic” for brevity. Enjoy!

250g of delightful coffee



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Producers: Benjamin Paz
Origin: Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Varieties: Pacas
Processing: Whole cherry fermented in a sealed bag for 48hrs before depulping and drying on raised beds with mucilage intact
Tasting: cream soda, vanilla, pink grapefruit
Exporter: Beneficio San Vicente
Harvest: Dec, 19 – Mar 2020


Benjamin Paz has grown up around coffee.

His family owns an export mill called San Vicente in Peña Blanca, around an hour inland from the capital, San Pedro Sula. The producers who use the mill for dry milling and export live and work, tucked into the mountains of the Santa Bárbara National Park. It’s gorgeous here, especially around 3-4 pm when the mists come rolling in, dynamically cooling the coffee down – It’s the relationship between Lake Yojoa and the mountains of the national park

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