Merci Fernandez ~ Bourbon from Jaén, Peru

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Producer: Merci Fernandez
Farm: La Pomarrosa
Where: Colasay, Jaén, Peru
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed Process (24hr. submerged)
Harvest: September 2023
Importer: Apex
Tasting notes: nougat, warm spices, buttery

This classic example of red Bourbon was picked and processed by Merci Fernandez on her farm, La Pomarrosa, in Colasay, Jaén, Peru. Fermented as a traditional washed process, submerged underwater for 24hrs. before being washed and dried. Roasted for filter. Buttery & comforting.


Merci Fernandez is a young producer who grows Bourbon at her farm La Pomarrosa, in the Colasay region of the province of Jaén. Watching her family run coffee farms while growing up encouraged her to throw her hat into the ring when the time was right. Her family passed on to her a wealth of knowledge and, above all, “the love with which they work.” According to Merci, coffee is her greatest legacy. Coffee has enabled Merci’s parents to lead a comfortable life and provide an education for their kids. Merci graduated collage as an agricultural and livestock producer, while helping her family on their farm. Studying and working at the same time has enabled her to go beyond the classroom. Harvest season for Merci spans four to five months. An adept problem solver, Merci has worked on better drying techniques for her coffees with success.