Nestor Lasso ~ Pink Bourbon from Huila, Colombia

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Producer: Nestor Lasso
Farm: El Diviso
Where: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Multi-stage Washed
(32hr whole cherry anaerobic – depulped, 40hr dry fermentation, 80hr submerged)
Importer: Falcon
Harvest: October 2023
Tasting notes: tropical, jasmine, nectar

Nestor’s take on Pink Bourbon involves a multi-stage process, incorporating considered techniques including 80hrs. of submerged fermentation time to arrive at an expression of Pink Bourbon that fully reminds us that it indeed shares Ethiopia landrace ancestry. Roasted for filter. Floral & tropical.



Nestor has developed a specific multi-stage process for this Pink Bourbon, a variety that the industry has found to be a close genetic relative to various Ethiopia Landraces found and adopted in Colombia by various producers, especially Huila through the last decade or so. After floating the cherries to sort for density, Nestor seals the whole fruit in bags for an anaerobic fermentation for 32 hrs. This is followed by an oxidation period of 12 hrs. before moving to the depulper to remove the fruit, and is followed by another 40hr. oxidation period. This depulped oxidation period resembles the washed process dry fermentation common in Central and South America. The coffee is then submerged in water for an 80hr. anaerobic fermentation and stirred occassionally. This underwater fermentation closely resembles the washed process methodology common in Ethiopia, contributing to the flavour similarities (in addition to the variety charactistics) between this lot and a lovely floral washed Ethiopia. The coffee is finished by washing away any remaining mucilage, and Nestor applies a “Thermal Shock” before moving the coffee to be dried on raised beds in a parabolic drying system.