Pear Praline – Pacas by Benjamin Paz in Santa Bárbara, Honduras




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This lot of mainly Pacas (and some Bourbon) varieties is grown by our dear friend Benjamin Paz, at his farm in Las Vegas municipality, Santa Bárbara in Honduras. Usually, harvest is completed around March in the country, but a cooling effect with the mountainous terrain interacting with Yojoa Lake slows ripening to a crawl in this area – It’s not uncommon to be picking there in June! This late harvest has elegant ripe pear flavour and sticky praline sweetness.

Quick Details

Producer: Benjamín Paz
Origin: Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Varieties: mainly Pacas (and some Bourbon)
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: pear and praline
Exporter: Beneficio San Vicente
Harvest: April-June 2020