Pink Bourbon by Ildefonso Córdoba from Huila, Colombia

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Producer: Ildefonso Córdoba
Where: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Anaerobic Washed (60-70hrs. in cherry/48hrs. depulped)
Importer: Shared Source
Harvest: August 2023
Tasting notes: pink jam, guava, sweet

Pink Bourbon grown and processed by Ildefonso Córdoba on his family farm in Brussels, Huila, Colombia. Once the ripe coffee fruit has been picked, it is fermented as whole cherry in sealed bags for 60-70 hrs, then depulped and fermented underwater for 48hrs. Roasted for filter. Sweet and tropical.



Incredibly stoked to release this late 2023 harvest of Pink Bourbon from Ildefonso Cordoba from Bruselas in Huila, Colombia. Part of the magically talented Guacharos producer group (also available now) who often congregate in nearby Pitalito, Ildefonso is a linchpin of sorts. Acting as the resident seed guy, he’s constantly sharing his knowledge about different cultivars and sharing seed stock with the neighbourhood and other Guacharos members.

This delight of a Pink Bourbon is courtesy of our sweet friends at Shared Source, who’ve been buying from the Guacharos group for the past seven years (and no doubt beyond). They’ve built up such a good rapport with these folks that it’s a no-brainer to work with them for treats like this one.

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