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We roast and ship out for all our subscribers in the 2nd week of the month. Each shipment, you’ll get:

2 different Coffees

2 different coffees Nate and Laura think you’ll love. These will always be in our roast style (light and bright!), and they will be completely traceable. Our bags are 250g*

A letter for each coffee

A mini zine detailing the backstory of each coffee in your box each month. Bringing context to each coffee and an invitation to know more about the weird and wonderful world of coffee. 

Shipping Included, Of course!

This is the most economical way to enjoy our coffees here at Lüna. We really, really want you to have good coffee – without the checkout anxiety. We got’chu!

*If you’re outside the USA and Canada, and you’d like to subscribe, email us hello @ enjoylunacoffee dot com and we’ll figure something out! 


Most frequent questions and answers

Two, different, light, bright and beautiful coffees each month. These will be either chosen from our existing, hyper curated menu, OR sometimes we’ll throw you a surprise that only subscribers will get. 

Most of the time, you’ll receive 2 x 250g bags. That’s enough coffee for 20 servings of 400ml (you can think of it as coffee for 2 people through each weekday in the month).*

Well sometimes we’re feeling a little fancy and have a super special coffee that might cost a bit more. What will happen in that case is you’ll get 100g of a super high value coffee (think Gesha), along with a 250g bag of something different. That might happen once or twice a year. 

For an Ongoing, Monthly Subscription, you’ll be billed recurring. We bill just before we lock in the amount of subscribers we’ll be roasting for. 

For a Gift Subscription, you’ll be able to give a fixed amount of shipments, 1, 3, or 6 months. You’ll saving a bit of money (which is nice) and you’ll be paying upfront for the full amount upon checkout. This subscription is nice for people who want to have coffee from us, but don’t want to have to worry about being billed on a recurring basis and makes a great gift. This subscription does not auto renew. 

Shipping is rolled up into the price of all our subscriptions. As for shipping speed, we’ll be using Canada Post Expedited shipping most of the time, and if you need it faster for whatever reason just reach out and we’ll see what we can do. Small Packet air is an untracked, yet surprisingly impressive service from Canada Post that gets the job done economically – We then pass the savings on to you and wrap it up into the cost of the subscription. 

Here’s our best conservative guess of when you’ll see your subscription arrive (from when we mail it):

  • West Coast (Canada, USA) 2-3 days untracked* small packet air
  • East Coast (Canada, USA) 6-7 days untracked* small packet air
  • International (UK, EU) 14 Days untracked* Coming Soon

Yeah! Totally. we’re over at Hello@enjoylunacoffee.com

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We already know you’re crushing it and don’t need more training – But a better ingredient? Yes please!

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We share everything we know.

Look for a cost breakdown and contextual info with each coffee whenever we're able.
Always ask why.

Plum Pastry - a 250g bag of delightful Tabi variety, grown by Victor Barrera, in Huila, Colombia

Victor Barrera, Palestina, Huila, Colombia

Farmer Pricing

Price to Victor per 125kg parchment

This price represents the amount paid to the grower for this specific lot at the parchment (not milled for export stage)

From here, there will be around 30% weight loss due to milling and defect sorting


Export Costs

0 $ USD
3.60$ total FOB price per pound

Export costs include things like:

-Bags and grainpro preservation liners

- Parchment (not milled coffee) to green coffee yield

- milling cost and administration


Import Costs

0 $ USD
Ocean and land freight per pound
0 $ USD
Total Landed Cost USD
0 $ CAD
Total Landed Cost CAD

Exchange Rates At time of Purchase

$1 USD = 3200 COP

$1 CAD = 0.75 USD

C Market Price at time of purchase

$1.13 USD/lb

$800,000 COP per 125kg parchment

Estimated Cost of Production

$1.19 USD/lb

FOB price for this coffee
C market price at time of purchase
C Market Price USD
Estimated Cost of Production in Colombia
per lb USD

FOB Price/ lb

$3.15 USD/lb

C Market Price

$1.13 USD /lb

$800,000 COP/125kg parchment

Estimated Cost to produce a pound of coffee in Colombia (varies by region)

$1.19 USD/lb

*The whole point of sharing all this with you is to start a dialogue - How can we support actual sustainability, where every player, especially the grower can operate a resilient business? We think it starts with handing over the power to you - so you know what you're supporting. We're an open book so let us know if you ever want to chat!
-Laura & Nate